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Shooting Objects in Flash Games
  A flash game design tutorial showing showing you how to make a spaceship fire bullets to hit other objects in a flash game.
Create a Spot the Difference Game
  Learn how to create a simple spot the difference game. The main thing you will learn it to make an movieclip in Flash react to another one being clicked on.
Photoshop Tutorials
Chained Text Effect Metal Armor
Water Effects Night Horse Background
Rusty Text Furry Text
Play Online War Games for Inspiration
Here are some amazingly well made War Games , that you'll be able to learn alot from on what makes a good game. There you'll find a range in different styles of fash war games.
Dragonball Fighting 2, the sequel to Dragon Ball: Fierce Fighting, puts you, the player, in the reins of some of these fights in a classic beat-‘ em-up style gamewith an added twist.
Flash Tutorials
Moving Objects with the Keys using AS
  One of the basic aspects of interactiviy in Flash Game Design is being able to move objects around with the press of various keys. This flash tutorial will show you how to use actionsction to move a movieclip around the stage.
Moving Multiple Objects with Actionscipt
  When making games, one challenge is to be able to handle multiple moving movieclips at once. This tutorial will show you how to create a dynamic starfield to teach you one way of handling multiple objects
Create an Advanced Flash Website
  Handling a various user interfaces in your flash applications can approached in many ways. This tutorial will show you how to make a Flash website with a drop down menu, which can be easily edited.
Rotating Gallery Glitter Text
Bubble Text Square Transition
Play Flash Games more...
In this section you'll find some great games for inspinration in your flash game design indevours. Only the best games have been chosen, for their gameplay and their polished visuals
Cyclomaniacs Bloons Tower Defense 4
Warfare 1917 Battalion Ghosts
More Games Sites
It's always a good idea to play a wide variety of games when learning to designthem. To play some quality, niche specific flash games, be sure to check out the websites below.
Water Werks Frantic 2

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