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Flash Tutorials
Shooting Objects in Flash Games
  A flash game design tutorial showing showing you how to make a spaceship fire bullets to hit other objects in a flash game.  
Create a Spot the Difference Game
  Learn how to create a simple spot the difference game. The main thing you will learn it to make an movieclip in Flash react to another one being clicked on.  
Moving Movieclips with Keys   (AS3)
Learn how to make movie clips move with key presses, using actionscript 3
Advanced Flash Website    
Create a metal screw in photoshop.
Square Fade Transition    

A tutorial to create a cool fading square transition.

Dynamic Text using AS3    

How to create dynamic text using actionscript 3.0

Jagged Image Transition    

How to create a jagged image image transition

Shooting Bullets    
How to make shoting bullets in flash
Circular Slideshow    
Create a flash circular slide show.
Dynamic Starfield    
A tutorial to create a dynamic starfield
Dynamic Menu    
Learn to make a dyamic menu in flash
Moving an MC with Keys   AS 2
How to create movieclips which can be moved using the keys with action script 2
Drop Down Menu    
A tutorial to create a basic drop down menu
Shrinking Transition Gallery    
Create a gallery with a shrinking image transition
Triple Scroll Gallery    
How to make a gallery with the images split in to 3 sperate scrolling parts
Spinning Objects    
Learn how to create animated spinning objects in flash
Black Flash Menu    
A tutorial to create a black menu in flash
Floating Bubble Text    

A flash tutorial to create text containing floating bubbles.

Making Shapes with AS3    

A basic tutorial showing you hwo to create shapes using actionscript 3.0

Glitter Graphic    

A Flash tutorial showing you how to create a glitter graphic

Flash Website    

A tutorial showing you how create a funky flash website

Falling Star Text    
Create text with a falling star effect in flash
Make a Flash Website    
Make a basic website using Flash
Create a Flash Gallery    
Flash gallery tutorial
Intermediate Flash Website    
A tutorial to create a flash website
Motion Guides    
How to use motion guides in flash
Rotating Flash Gallery    
A gallery tutorial with rotation
Sliced Fading Text    
A text effect tutorial with a sliced fading effect
XML Menu    
Learn how to create a menu with xml text
Floating Bubbles    

Learn how to create animated floating bubbles.

Create a Flash Website    

A tutorial to create a flash website

Floating Circle Text Effect    

A tutorial to create text containing falling circles.

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