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A tutorial showing you how to create an advanced drop down menu using Flash
This Flash tutorial will show you how to create a drop down menu using Actionscript. It's a fairly advanced tutorial, so you'll be expected to know some of the basics, such as creating an MC (movieclip symbol), using labels on the timeline etc. If this is something you're inexperienced with, you might want to check out the tutorial on how to create a basic drop down menu, which will guide you through using the basics, but without any advanced actionscript. The main advantage of this advanced drop down menu is that you can add delete buttons easily, by simply editing an array in the Actionscript code. This tutorial is divided into the following parts.
1) Adding the Content Pages
2) Creating the Menu Buttons
3) Writing the Actionscript to Create the Buttons
4) Adding Functionality to the Buttons
Advanced Drop Down Menu
Part 1) Adding the Content Pages
For the first part, we're going to be adding some colored images for each page. As the drop down menu is used, a different image will be shown depending on which button is pressed. You'll be able to add your own content in place of those images later on.
Step 1.

So, to start off I've created a MC called 'pagesMC', using the 1st image from the colored images. I've placed an instance of the 'pagesMC' on a layer called 'pages' and given the instance name 'pages' also.

Step 2.
Inside the pages MC I've added one of the 5 colored images every 10 frames, starting with the yellow, on another 'pages' layer. I've then created a label for each page. When each menu button is pressed, this 'pagesMC' will go to it's corresponding label. The script layer contains a stop() action, so that this MC doesn't continously loop.
Step 3.
As you can see, from the image below, at frame 10 and the label "one", the green image has been placed on the pages layer.
Next go to Advanced Drop Down Menu - Part 2) Creating the Menu Buttons.
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