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A tutorial showing you how to create an advanced flash website. View Site
Level: Intermediate Version: MX 2004+
This tutorial is divided into the following parts.
1) Creating the layout (Starts below)
2) Adding the Content
3) Creating the Menu Buttons
4) Making the Menu and Section With Actionscript
5) Scrolling the Buttons and Content With Actionscript
6) Creating the Preloader
Creating the Layout
For the first part, we're going to create the basic layout.
Step 1.

To start off, create a new Flash document with the following settings.

Step 2.
Double click on the rounded rectangle and set the corner radius to 15
Step 3.
Create a greay (#E4E4E4) rounded rectangle, using the settings shown below. I've zoomed out to 50% here.
Step 4.
Convert the rectangle into an MC (Movie Clip Symbol) called main. This is where we'll be creating the site.
Step 5.
Go into the 'main' MC and convert the rectangle into another MC, this time calling it 'bg'
Step 6
Open up the 'bg' mc, create a 2nd layer and a grey/green (#839597) rectangle, without rounded corners
Step 7
Create a 3rd, darker (#B4B4B4) rectangle on another new layer.
Step 8
Make a 4th lighter grey rectangle
Step 9.
Go back to the 'main' MC, and import the header image onto the stage.
Step 10
Convert the header image into an MC (Movieclip) called 'header'
Next go to Advanced Flash Site - 2) Adding the Content
Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
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