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A tutorial showing you how to create text containing rising bubbles.
The way this tutorial will be made is that 3 paths will be made, which will be attached to the stage multiple times dynamically with Actionscript. Each path will contain an empty movie clip which we can then attach a randomly sized bubble to. We'll be importing some images throughout this tutorial, which you can download in a FLA file. The tutorial is divided into the following parts.
1) Text Background (Starts Below)
2) Mask and Shade
3) Floating Path
4) More Floating Paths
5) Actionscript
Bubble Effect Text
Part 1) Text Background
Step 1.

To start off, if you didnt download the FLA with the graphics, save the graphics below and then import them into Flash (File > Import > Import to Stage). These graphics will act as the background of text, and were made using Photoshop. The main colored part of the the graphic was made using the font Arial Black with a size of 150. Later on we'll be creating a mask in flash using the same font.

Step 2.
Place them as shown below and name the layer "text".
Step 3.
Create a new MC (Movie Clip Symbol) called "bubbles"
Step 4.
Drag the "bubbles" MC from the library onto the stage, and new layer called "bubbles". Place it at the bottom left of the colored part of the text (circled in red), and also give it the instance name "bubbles". We've created this empty MC which we'll later attach the individual bubbles to, using Actionscript.
Next go to Bubble Text Effect - Part 2)
Part: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5
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