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This Flash tutorial will show you how to create a basic drop down menu.
Step 1.
To start off create a new Flash document, setting the frame rate to 30FPS from the properties panel. For this tutorial i've created a simple layout (image a)using the Rectangle Tool, which drop down menu will be attached to. You can download the FLA for this here. I've created the simple layout in an MC (Movie Clip Simbol) on a layer called "bg". Next, we're going to create the main button for the drop down menu. So, double click on the Rectangle Tool (R), which is circled in red (image b), and enter 10 for for the corner radius
a)   b)
Step 2.
Create a grey (#898989) rounded rectangle and convert it to a button symbol (F8), called "mainButton".
Step 3.
Double click on mainButton and create a frame in the over state (F6). Change the over state rectangle to a dark tone of grey (#5D5D5D)
Step 4.

On a layer above, create a text field for whatever subject you want to button to be.

Next go to part two of this flash tutorial.
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