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This Flash tutorial will show you how to create text containing falling circles
Part 1) Adding the Text
Step 1.
For this tutorial we'll be using a text effect, created in Photoshop, which has already been imported into a FLA for you here. Inside the FLA file are the 2 images shown below. Image b) will be placed on a layer above image a). Stars will be created dynamically between both layers, and then scrolled downwards. We'll also create a mask, so that the stars only appear to be flowing within the text area.
a)   b)
Step 2.
So, to start off make a new Flash document, with dimensions of 260 width by 190 height, and a frame rate of 30 FPS. Create a layer called text and drag the textMC MC (Movie Clip Symbol) on to the stage.
Step 3.
Create a new MC, named 'holder'. This is the MC that'll we'll be adding the stars to later on.
Step 4.
Drag the holder mc onto a layer called 'holder', positioning it at the co-ordinates shown below. Give the holder MC the instance name 'holder'
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