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Step 1.
First off create a new Flash document and make dimensions and color as shown below.
Step 2.
For this tutorial I'm using thumbnails sized 64 width x 56 height, with the main image being 320x280 (image a). All the images used in this tutorial are from the free stock photography site: sxc.hu. All the links to the images are listed here. Each one has bee cropped and resized to 320x20 for the main image and 65x56 for the thumbnail. Next, create 2 folders in the library, named "images" and "thumbs". Import 8 thumbnails and 8 images into the folders, preferably named like i have done in image b).
a) Sample Images   b) Library
Step 3.
Next, place thumb-0, thumb-1 on a layer called "thumbs" and the larger image on a layer called "gallery".
Step 4.

Convert each of the thumbnails to MCs (Movie Clips), by clicking them and pressing F8, and move them to the positions shown in image a) and b). You don't need to convert the large image to an MC because we're going to attach them dynamically using ActionScript later on. Just place it at the position, shown in image c), so that you can create the background around it in the next step.

a )   b)   c)
Step 5.

Double click on the rectangle tool, from the tool bar, and set the corner radius to 10

Step 6.
Creat a dark blue rectangle on a layer below the images and then create a white rectangle below the blue one.
Next go to part 2 of this Flash tutorial.
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