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How to create a flash gallery with rotating thumbnails. View Gallery,
Step 1.
To start off, create a new Flash document and make the dimensions, frame rate, and color as shown below. For this tutorial I've used 8 images which i found on the free stock site www.sxc.hu, and resized them to 330x330 for the main image and 75x75 for the thumbnail images. Name the images image0 - image7 & thumb0 - thumb7, and them import them into the library (file > import > import to library).
Step 2.
Use the Oval Tool (O) to create a dark grey (#323232) circle, without an outline, and using the dimensions and positions shown below. I've reduced the magnification in Flash to 50%, so that it's easier to see.
Step 4.

Convert the oval in to an MC (Movie Clip Symbol) called "bg", by pressing F8

Step 5.

Convert this MC into another one called "gallery" and then, from the properties panel, give it the instance name "gallery". Later on actionscript will be used to give the galery some functionality and the instance names given to the MC's will be used to reference them.

Step 6.
Double click on the "gallery" MC and then on the "bg" MC. Name the layer, with the dark oval "bg 1". Create a 2nd layer called "bg" and and a lighter grey (#505050) oval on this layer.
Step 7.
From the properties panel, set the dimensions and positions, as shown below.
Next go to part 2 of this Flash tutorial.
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