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War Games
Shadez 2 Warfare 1917
Shadez 2 is the much anticipated sequal the hugely popular 1st installment of thw war strategy game. The gameplay is even more in depth and every aspect has been improved upon.
Warfare 1917 is a great little flash game where you can it take part as the British or Germans. You start off on the left hand side, with the aim being to take over the enemies territory on the right hand side.
Troy  Art of War 2 Battalion Ghosts Fantasy Tank
Sea of Fire 2 Shadez New World

Some of the best free online games avaialable belong to the war games genre. Here are some of the different types this genre of game. There are also other site where you can player a larger variety of War Games. These type of site are dedicated to bringing you the best games as they are release.

Startegy Games. Shadez is an in depth war themed strategy game where you start on the left side of the screen and must work towards defeating the enemy on the right hand side. Another game of this type is warfare 1917 and 1944. These two games allow you to one of two countries from these wars, and you must fight against the other one, by taking their territory. There are a number of different types of military unit available to you, mostly consisting of soldier units. Some of them include assault teams, mortar units, and heavy tanks.

Turn Based Games. Unlike with real time strategy games, you get more time to make your move. It's a slow ype of game as a result, but fun nethertheless. There a a few types of unit, each with their own pros and cons. As you work you way through to later maps, you're given the pportunity to build factories which enable you to produce more war units, which increases the depth of strategy.

Action games. This type of game offers more fast paced excitement that the other genres, and usually include blowing things up like in indestructocopter, or moving a character through a world, and taking on enemy forces rambo style like in the game commando.

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