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This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a blue, glowing, abstract web layout. Click on the image below to see the final result.
Chained Text Thumnail
Step 1.
Start of by making a new photoshop document, with dimensions of 500x500. Make a rectangular selection at the top, spanning the width of the canvas. Then select 001A1F for the foreground color and 0A6679 as the background. Fill the selection with the foreground color and then choose Difference Clouds (Filter > Render > Difference Clouds). Keep repeating the difference clouds filter until you have something similar to image a). Next, create a larger selection below for the content are, choosing 395260 for the foreground and 1F1F20 for the background. Drag from top to bottom of the selection to create a linear gradient, as shown in image b).
a) Click Image to Enlarge   b) Click Image to Enlarge
Step 2.
Next, make a thick rectangular selection at the top of the content section for the menu bar. Zoom in to 300% magnification and then create a linear gradient, using 455D65 for the foreground and 3A4D55 for the background (image a). Zoom out again and duplicate the menu bar.
a)   b)Click Image to Enlarge
Step 3.
Move the duplicate below the orginal, in the layers panel, and then move it up, so that only a thin line of it is visible.
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