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Bubble Text in Photoshop
A Photoshop tutorial to create a bubble text effect.
Chained Text Thumnail
Step 1.
With this photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to create a water bubble themed text effect. First of all create a Photoshop document. Make the background black and create a new layer apply the clouds filter using light (#C5F7FF) and dark blue (#003B46), by going to filter / render / clouds. Then apply the ocean ripple filter, by going to filter / distort ocean ripple, using the settings shown in the 3rd image below.
a)   b)   c)
Step 2.
Next create some temporary thick text, using something like Arial Black, 200 pt. Use it to make a selection and then use layer via cut on the ocean ripple layer. Delete the delete the ocean ripple part of the layer surrounding the text cut out. Also delete the white text, leaving you with the 2nd image below.
a)   b)
Step 3.
Next adjust the levels to the settings shown in the 2nd image below, by going to image / adjustments / levels
a)   b)
Step 4.
Create a new layer below the ripple text shape and then make a selection of it. Expand the selection by 5 pixels, by going to select / modify / expand , and then fill the layer with dark blue (#1E4250). Make a new layer above the ripple layer, expand a selection of the ripple layer by 1pixel, and then fill it with a dark blue (#08323C). Feather the selection (selec / feather) and contract it by 7 and then delete the dark blue part that's selection.
a)   b)   c)
Step 5.
Now we're going to create a large bubble inside of the text. Zoom in to 400%, create a new layer and a selection with the elliptical marquee tool. Set the foreground colour to #00ACBE and the background colour to #0094B2 and then create a radial gradient. Create antoehr new layer and then make a light blue (#DFFBFF) circle to the right. Use the same selection to delete part of it.
a)   b)   c)
Step 6.
Then use the eraser tool to shape it like in the 1st two images below. Make another new layer and then create a circular selection.
a)   b)   c)
Step 7.
Set the foreground colour to a bright aqua colour such as #04F6F9, and then set the gradient to "foreground to transparent". Create a linear gradient by dragging from top to bottom in the selection. Merge the layers of the bubble and then move the layer below the feathered outline above the ripple layer. Duplicate the the bubble a couple of times and scale one of them to 50%, by going to edit / transform /scale.
a)   b)   c)
Step 8.
Make several more duplicates and then copy the large one again. Scale it to 30% and then duplicate this one also. That's the end of this tutorial to create bubble themed text in Photoshop!
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