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Step 20.
This is the final part of this Photoshop tutorial. Next, zoom to 200%, duplicate the segment of chain and place it over the right hand side of the "G". Use the trasform tool to rotate it so that the end is pointing in the direction of the gap. Duplicate it again, place it below the 1st chain link and then rotate it more than the first. Create another one and then use the eraser to make it look as though it's going below the text.
a)   b)   c)
Step 21.
Add the smaller part of the chaing to the right hand side of the 1st link and then create a chain on the "T". Again, use the eraser to make it look as though it's going beneath the letter (image c)
a)   b)   c)
Step 22.
Create another piece below the "T". Since the chain will appear to be below the letter, turn off the drop shadow of the layer, from the layers panel (image d).
a)   b)   c)   d)
Step 23.
Create some more going from the "T" to the "G" and another piece around the left of the "G". Then create a cross of chains, going from the letters to the top of the document.
a)   b)   c)   d)
Step 24.
Your image should now look like the one below, bringing us to the end of this Photoshop tutorial! :)
You can download the PSD from here,
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