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How to create a unique Desktop Layout
Desktop web layout
Chained Text Thumnail
Step 1.
This tutorial is going to show you how to make a unique desktop style layer, using common work desk objects. We'll make the papaer from scratch and edit some free stock photographs for the various objects. For the first section we'll start off by creating a striped background, so create a new photoshop file with dimensions of 700x550, and a dark blue background. Use the rectangular marquee tool to create a light blue stripe on a new layer, and in a new folder called "stripes". Choose the free transform tool (edit > free transform) and then scale the stripe horizontally. It needs to be long enough to stretch diagonally from corner to corner.
Step 2.
Next, use the transform tool to rotate it by 45 degrees. There should be a field at the top where you can enter the angle you want to rotate it by. Create a new folder called "stripes", to put the layer in.
a) Enlarge Image   b)
Step 3.
Duplicate the stripes, spreading them evenly across the layout, as shown in image a). Click on the "stripes" folder in the layers panel.
a) Enlarge Image   b)
Step 4.
Merge the folder into a single layer (layer > merge layer set)
Step 5.
Reduce the opacity of the "stripes" layer to 30%. Duplicate the layer and flip it horizontally (edit > transform > flip horiztonal), as shown in image b).
Next go to part 2 of this photoshop tutorial to create a desktop style layout.
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