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Zombie using Photoshop
This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a zombie with some easy steps. Enlarge Image
Chained Text Thumnail

Zombie Games

Step 1.
First of all import an image of someones's face. For this tutorial an image found on free stock photography site will be used. Make sure the image is black and white (image > adjustments > desturate) and has been resized to been resized to 500x375. Choose the polygonal lasso tool (L) and create a selection around the man. It doesn't have to be perfect, since a rough texture will be used later, covering up any minor inprefections. One you've completed a selection around the man, cut the layer (layer via cut) from the background. Name the background "background", duplicate the layer of the man, naming them "1" and "2" (image b).
a) Enlarge Image   b)
Step 2.
Next, adjust the color, of the layer "1", making sure to check "colorize"
Step 3.
Adjust the color of layer "2", also using "colorize". Create a duplicate of layer "2" called "3" and then make the layer invisible from the layers panel (image b).
a)   b)
Step 4.
Next, choose layer "2", from the layers panel, and select pattern overlay (layer > layer style > pattern overlay). Click the button circled in white, then the arrow circled in red, and choose "Rock Patterns"
Step 5.
The the "Red Rocks" pattern, with the settings shown below.
Step 6.
From the layer's panel, change the blending mode of the layer to "Screen" and the opacity toi 65%.
a) Enlarge Image   b)
Step 7.
You should end up with something like in the iage below.
Next go to Part 2 of this Photoshop tutorial.
If you're interested in learning how to create a flash website go ahead and try this tutorial out. It'll show you how to create a nice funky flash webiste :)
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