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  Step 5.  
  This is the 2nd and final part of this Photoshop tutorial to create the game character Kirby. Next, we're going to create the eyes for the character, so make a black oval shape. Then, make a smaller white oval shape on top of it, as shown in image b). You might need to zoom in to 200% to make the white part of the eye.  
a)   b)
  Step 6.  
  Duplicate the eye layer and move it over to the right so that he now has 2 eyes, and then create two pink cheeks.  
a)   b) c)
  Step 7.  
  Next, create the mouth by making a pink oval and then cutting out part of it, using the elliptical marquee tool. Delete the top part of the mouth.  
a)   b)
  Step 8.  
  Again, use the elliptical marquee tool to cut out a large part of the bottom of the mouth. Darken the top layer of the mouth by going to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation, and then enter around 30 for lightness. Lastly, as shown in image c), use the gradient tool (linear gradient) to create the background.  
a)   b)   c)
  So there you go a quick tutorial to create the cute Kirby game character!  
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