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  Kirby Photoshop Tutorial
This tutorial will show you how to draw the Kirby game character.
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  Step 1.  
  First of all create a new Photoshop document with the dimensions 150x150, and then create a new layer. Then with the elliptical marquee tool create a selection. Set the foreground to a light pink and the background to a darker pink, and then choose the gradient tool (radial gradient). Drag the gradient tool from the centre to the outer edge of the selection. You should then have something like in image b).  
  Step 2.  
  Next, make an oval shape, like in image a), with the light pink color. Rotate the oval shape and then move it to the side of kirby's body. This will be his first arm : ) Duplicate the arm layer and then flip it horizontally (edit > transform > flip horizontal). Move it over to the right so that he now has two little arms.  
a)   b)
  Step 3.  
  Next we're going to create his shoes. With a new layer, below the large circle, create a dark red circle. Then, as shown in image b,) make a large oval selection over the red shape and then right click on the selection, choosing “layer via cut”. The circle should now be divided into two. Delete the smaller bottom part so that you're left with the shape in image c).  
a)   b)   c)
  Step 4.
  So, that's his first show created. Now duplicate the layer and move it over to the right so that he has 2 shoes! Now, click here for part two of this photoshop tutorial.
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