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This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to create a modern portfolio layout. Click Image Below to Enlarge.
Chained Text Thumnail
Step 1.
First of all, make a new Photoshop document, with dimensions of 770x570. For the main background of the layout, create a dark blue (364853) rounded rectangle, with a radius of 10. Then create a grey (394347) rectangle using the rectangular marquee tool, leaving part of the blue rectangle visible at the top. Use the polygonal lasso tool to create a diagonal shape (image b) at the top on a new layer.
a) Click Image to Enlarge   b)
Step 2.
Duplicate the diagonal shape several times, spacing them equally along the header horzintally. Merge all the diagonal layers into a single layer and then make a selection using the main rounded rectangle. Contract (select > modify > contract) the selection by 10 pixels, and then use the selection to cut (layer via cut) the diagonal shapes into a new layer. Delete the outer remaining layer (image b).
a) Click Image to Enlarge   b) Click Image to Enlarge
Step 3.
Next create a smaller rounded rectangle for the background of the menu text.
Step 4.
Rasterize the layer and then use the rectangular marquee tool to delete the bottom of it. Leave the foreground color as dark blue (394448) and set the background color to a slightly lighter tone (42555A).
Step 5.
Make a selection using the now halved layer. Choose the gradient tool and then create a linear gradient.
Then go to [Part 2]of this Photoshop tutorial.  
If you're interesed in learning a bit of flash you might want to learn how to create a flash website. If so go ahead and give this tutorial a go! :)
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