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Rainbow Text Tutorial
A tutorial to create a rainbow text effect using Photoshop
Chained Text Thumnail
Step 1.
With this tutorial you will learn how to create a rainbow style text effect in Photoshop. The 1st thing to do is to create some large, white text (eg arial black) on a black background.
Step 2.
Use the text to make a selection (select > load selection ) and then create a new layer above the text.
Step 3.
Select the gradient tool and the go to the gradient editor. Choose the preset gradient with multiple colors. Once you’ve chosen it, the sliders will be set like below.
Step 4.
Drag the gradient tool from left to right, creating a linear gradient. Contract the selection by 3 pixels, by going to select/modify/contract.
Step 5.
Use layer via copy, by right clicking on the layer in the layers panel. Choose the original layer and then use gaussian blur set to 3, by going to filter/blur/gaussian blur.
Step 6.
Choose the copied layer and add noise to it, by going to filter/noise/add noise, with a setting of 27.
Step 7.
Use gaussian blur on this layer, with a setting of 1.3.
Step 8.
Lastly, change the blending mode of the layer to color dodge and that’s the end of the tutorial!
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