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Space Rocket Photoshop Tutorial
space rocket

This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to design a cool looking space rocket. Click image to enlarge





Step 1.
Start off by creating a new photoshop document with dimensions of 230 width x 300 height. For the first part we're going to create the main base of the rocket. So, make the background black and select the pen tool. Create the first point at the top in the center and the second point just below half way down the document, making the shape curve by dragging the point. Next, select the Convert Point Tool, by pressing down on the pen tool in the tool bar. Drag the bottom part of the directional line upwards (image b) and then select the Pen Tool again. By dragging the directional line upwards the 3rd point won't be affected by the curved line we just created. Continue to make the 3rd point at the bottom right (image c).
a)   b)   c)
Step 2.

Join the 3rd point with the 1st point, mirroring the curve on the left with a new one on the right. Make a new layer and then use the rectangular marquee tool to create a selection as shown below. Select the reflected gradient tool and, using the gradient editor, set it to Foreground to Transparent. Select light grey for the foreground and then drag the gradient tool the from the middle of the shape, that we just created, towards the direction of the red arrow (image c).

a)   b)   c)
Step 3.
Use the transform tool (edit > transform > distort) to distort the gradient, like in the image below. Next, go to Part 2 of this Photoshop tutorial.
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