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Water Effects Photoshop Tutorial

Step 1.

In this photoshop tutorial you'll learn simple but effective ways to create water and splash effects similar to those featured in the illustration pictured above. This easy technique can produce fantastic results.

First we're going to create the background, but you can skip to step 7 (bottom of page) if you don't want to see how this is done.

Starting out Make a new canvas with dimensions 1200 width x 800 height and save it as a PSD file. Now, make a new layer and fill or colour it with a sky blue colour.

Step 2.
Make a new layer on top of the sky layer and colour the bottom half of it with a darker hue of the sky colour, in essence creating a horizon line.
Step 3.
Now, use the AIRBRUSH to paint a line of blue/white 'haze' across the length of the horizon.
Step 4.
Using any kind of spackled brush, lightly dab a few clouds into the sky
Step 5.
Now, on a new layer, block in some rough shapes that resemble distant mountains or islands, similar to the ones pictured.
Step 6.
Add suggestions of snowy mountain ice caps and trees that populate the islands.
Step 7.
Continue to build up the details.
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