Create a Spot the Difference Game

Step 1.
To get you started you can downloadthis start FLA file, which contains some graphics to use for the tutorial. In the Start FLA file you’ll find an MC (Movieclip). called”game”, inside of which we’ll be adding the main game code later on. Within game you’ll find a levels MC. We’ll be making one level for this tutorial, but the levels MC is where each level can be placed on it’s own frame (Level 1 on frame 1, Level 2 on frame 2 etc). The left hand side of level one has been created for you.

Step 2.
As you can see in the start FLA, there is only the left side, which can be found in the Library folder”Level 1 Sides”.

Step 3.
Right click on the leftSide symbol and choose duplicate. Enter rightSide as it’s name. For organisational purposes, place the rightSide symbol into the Level 1 Sides folder. Later on you can create a folder for the other levels.

Step 4.
Drag over the rightSide symbol onto the stage and on the right side layer. As you can see below, there’s been a gap left between the two sides because there is a divide (bar) in the levels MC.