Moving Multiple Objects with Actionscipt

Step 1.
To start off make a new Flash document with a black background and a frame rate of 30. For this tutorial I’ve made one with dimensions of 250×190. Create a new MC (Movie Clip) symbol, by going to Insert > New Symbol and then choosing Movie Clip & OK. Choose the Oval Tool, zoom in to 2000% magnification and create a small oval.

Step 2.
For this tutorial i’ve made the oval 3×3 pixels, by selecting it and then entering the numbers in the properties panel, Make sure that the co-ordinates are 0 for both X and Y. Next, Right click on the symbol in the Library and choose “linkage”.

Step 3.
In order to be able to create many instances of the circle, using actionscript, we need to give it an “identifier” and tick the boxes shown in the image below. Next go to Part 2 of this Flash tutorial